What the FTC Staff Report Reveals About Internet Service Providers’ Data Collection

07 December 2021
Dr. Andrew Stivers

On 21 October 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its Staff Report titled “A Look at What ISPs Know About You: Examining the Privacy Practices of Six Major Internet Service Providers.” The report summarizes information provided by the US’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), highlighting the industry’s data surveillance and privacy practices. The report can be found here.

NERA’s Associate Director Dr. Andrew Stivers examines the recent FTC Staff Report in a Law360 article titled “What FTC Report Reveals About ISP Data Collection,” pointing out three key observations the report did not address:

  • New data on consumer engagement with ISPs’ privacy practices;
  • Possible deceptive claims about selling data; and
  • The link between antitrust and consumer protection.

Read the full Law360 article here