Collaborative Development

We believe that our core asset is the talent and commitment of our people who are central to the success of our business.  We are committed to providing an environment where you are rewarded and advanced based on your ability and talent, and where there is opportunity for you to make meaningful contributions. This environment motivates all of us to achieve quality results and creates a shared sense of involvement in the firm.  We provide you with a variety of organizational support, knowledge resources, and developmental opportunities to support your continued growth.

Getting Started

Integration programs offer you opportunities to understand our culture, our people, and our firm. Information sessions with key principals in the business and functions help you learn about the systems and resources available to you.

  • Integration Program
  • Practice Area Integration

Keep Abreast of Industry Knowledge and Technical Expertise

Stay current on industry-related information and the latest methods in technical proficiency with our offerings of research support, resources for market intelligence, an internal intellectual capital database, and access to a variety of data sources and subscriptions. Join senior leaders who present on topics and trends about interesting case studies and economic strategies. Be part of learning about the latest academic research through frequent PhD presentations.

  • Business Intelligence and Internal Intellectual Capital Information
  • Presentation Series Seminars
  • PhD Candidate Presentations

Leverage Marketing Resources

Marketing support services are available including marketing strategy and design, editorial, research, event planning, media relations, social media advice, and contact management.

  • Event and Conference Support
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Advice

Learn What's Going on in the Firm

Be involved in the firm through newsletters detailing the latest publications, events, and client case work and through internal webcasts that provide an overview of management initiatives, company direction, and current events. Connect with colleagues for global meetings to learn about the latest economic thinking and to hone your skills in business and practice matters.

  • Internal and External Newsletters
  • President's Webcasts
  • Bi-Annual Senior Colleague Meeting
  • Practice Area Meetings

Stay Current in Your Skills

Access a wide range of learning opportunities that are available in various formats (classroom, webcast, e-learning), depending on how much time you want to devote and how much you need to know.

  • Workshops in Professional, Technical, and Management skills
  • On-Demand Learning
  • Lunch and Learn Seminars
  • Certification and Tuition Support

Continue to Progress in Your Career

Manage your career effectively for the long-term through various programs and opportunities. We combine multiple sources of measurement, including manager reviews, development goals, and individual guidance in order to provide you with an overview of your performance

  • Career Development Guidance
  • Performance Management
  • Individual Development Coaching
  • Formal and Informal Mentoring
  • Leadership Coaching