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Careers: Why NERA

NERA experts come from a variety of professional backgrounds—including academia, government, regulatory agencies, accounting, and law—bringing with them distinctive ideas, perspectives, and expertise. Our culture is one of collaboration, development, and a hands-on approach to consulting.


Competition, regulation, public policy, strategy, finance, and litigation are high-stakes and high-pressure matters with billions of dollars on the line. We provide the proof-positive businesses, policymakers, regulators, and judges need to make their most important decisions—decisions they can trust and by which others will abide.

Careers at NERA
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Our Work

At NERA, you’ll use customized analytical approaches and develop innovative solutions to get to the truth behind future-making matters and deliver unbiased and defensible findings. You’ll take a multidisciplinary approach that includes applying economic theory and your skills in statistics, econometrics, finance, game theory, mathematics, and computer science to the most challenging issues our clients face. Those issues span everything from the valuation of corporate guarantees and assessing healthcare company mergers to designing competitive energy markets and informing international tax policy.

“The team gets to hear directly how the expert is thinking about a report, how to defend the opinions, how to anticipate critiques. The NERA team is always much closer to a case than at other firms.”

—Managing Director, New York

Our Path to Success

Succeeding at NERA means you’re intellectually curious. You are excited about the real-world challenges you’re working on, you love to learn, and you’re interested in solving complex problems through analysis and data synthesis. You are also a team player who takes initiative, asks questions, and takes responsibility for your work. You approach problems methodically, paying close attention to detail and developing accurate and objective conclusions. Strong communication skills are a must, and a passion for economics doesn’t hurt, either.

“It’s a privilege to be in a position where we’re in the business of helping sift through a gray, complex environment to find truth where there is no black and white. I think that is really rewarding.”

—Senior Analyst, Washington, DC

Our Organization

NERA is composed of teams led by in-house experts. As a team member, you’ll work directly with leading economic experts and practitioners as well as our external academic affiliates. Our leaders provide guidance and mentorship, give team members a voice in high-stakes matters, and foster relationships and trust with colleagues across sectors and seniority. NERA places the utmost importance on collegiality, prioritizing your professional success, providing actionable feedback, and investing in your professional growth and technical expertise.

“NERA rewards entrepreneurship and taking initiative. We invest heavily in the professional development of our staff because we want to cultivate people who can become successful experts in their own right.”

—Managing Director, New York

Join Us in Delivering Economic Excellence Worldwide

Because NERA is part of Marsh McLennan, during the application process you will be directed to the Marsh McLennan job search site.

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