Washington, DC
Antitrust and Competition


PhD in economics, Harvard University
ScB in applied mathematics and economics, with honors, Brown University

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Challenging, fun, and full of academic rigor.

On what makes me proud to work at NERA

It's important to me to know that the work we do is always held to the highest standards. What makes working at NERA so wonderful is that I know my colleagues care about providing the best possible answers and that we will work diligently as a team to deliver high-quality analysis.

On being an economic consultant and an entrepreneur

Economic consulting takes real-world problems and brings the best research skills and principles to bear on solving them. At NERA, we combine that challenge with the right people—and the right approach—in an environment that rewards hard work and entrepreneurship. Whether you hold a PhD or you come to NERA as a researcher, if you work hard, you’ll get more and more opportunities. There are no limits. It’s a real meritocracy. You will have the opportunity to meet clients, to travel, to lead projects, and to push your skills and expertise further and further out.

On collaborating globally

At all hours of the day, there are folks at NERA who are striving to find the right answers to the world’s most difficult problems. I've been fortunate to collaborate with colleagues across the globe, including recently on a cartel matter in the US and Japan. It was incredibly helpful having colleagues in Japan who speak the language and are familiar with the culture of the client. It’s also great to finish the day with tasks that need to be completed and to wake up the next morning and find that they’re done. The teamwork across borders is seamless.