Senior Consultant
Energy, Environment, Communications & Infrastructure


PhD (all but dissertation), applied economics, economics of the European Union, Universidad de Salamanca
MSc in environment and development, London School of Economics and Political Science
BSc in economics, Universidad de Salamanca

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Inspiring, challenging, but also friendly. Teamwork above individual interests. 

On choosing a career in economics

When I finished my BSc in economics, the economic consulting field was not as developed as it is now in Spain, so I didn’t really consider this career path initially.  I thought about pursuing a career in academia but decided to move to London to complete an MSc. It was there that I discovered economic consulting and found out that NERA had an office in Spain. I was uncertain at first about whether this was the right career move for me, but I looked through NERA’s website, submitted my CV, and got a first interview … I realized quickly that this was exactly what I wanted to do and was thrilled when NERA extended a job offer.

On the broad range of work that I do

Every day is different at NERA. I could be researching for projects, conducting data analysis, preparing and delivering presentations, meeting with clients, academics, and other experts, drafting reports, or testifying before a judge. I especially love collaborating with teams from NERA offices around the world.

On in-house training opportunities

There are many formal training programs, including workshops on writing, drafting, and delivering presentations, but also—and even more important to me—plenty of informal training opportunities, such as internal presentations by NERA colleagues and brainstorming sessions that are open to people from other teams and practices. You can learn a lot from others at NERA, since our teams have expertise in many areas. 

On the best experience I have had here

The most appealing and challenging part of my job is authoring expert reports and providing testimony in court. Explaining issues to a judge, who may or may not be an expert in economics, requires a lot of great care and preparation. You must know the matter very well and be able to explain it clearly and in words that are as plain as possible. And winning the case is fantastic. 

On the advice I would give to a prospective colleague

Do not forget that your work will have a real impact on business or on government regulations! Everything should be peer-reviewed.