Senior Consultant
White Plains, NY
Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Competition


PhD and MA in economics, Harvard University
MBA, DePaul University
BBA in economics and finance, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Dynamic, collaborative, and enriching.

On why I joined NERA

I knew I wanted to work at NERA because my career goals are perfectly aligned with the goals of the firm. NERA shares my commitment to delivering unbiased high-quality work, determination to work at the frontier of the field, and dedication to professional development. It’s great to work here because clients come to us with their most challenging and high-stakes projects.

On a career in economic consulting

Economic consulting has been so much more rewarding than my prior experience in academia. I continually work on creative solutions to new and interesting economic questions, and the work that I do has real-world impact.

On collaborating globally

Working collaboratively across countries has been a very rewarding experience. On a professional level, it is an opportunity to learn and explore a range of diverse projects. On a personal level, it a chance to bond with colleagues from diverse places and cultures.

On what clients say about us

The fact that our clients trust us to take on their most important matters time and time again speaks volumes about the quality of NERA’s work. Clients value not just the expertise that we bring—they value our people as well.