Senior Consultant
Los Angeles
Health Care and Life Sciences, Antitrust and Competition


PhD and MA in economics, Stanford University
BA in business economics, University of California, Los Angeles

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Rigorous, high-quality economic analysis; helping you grow a career.  

On in-house training opportunities

Often, the quality of your projects dictates the kind of training you receive. Working at NERA exposes you to challenging, high-profile opportunities that offer an abundance of learning opportunities. 

On the most innovative experience I have had here

It was incredible to work on a recent trial involving the Federal Trade Commission’s challenge to a merger of hospital systems in Chicago. Being closely involved in the case from start to finish was enlightening, especially because these kinds of challenges don’t happen often in any industry and are closely watched by the public. To be able to help write an expert report for such a significant case during my first two years at NERA was really cool. My role involved a lot of econometrics and cutting-edge issues in antitrust. 

On falling in love with economics and consulting

I love that in economic consulting, I am entrusted with full responsibility for my work, and I see that it has a real impact. At NERA, I’m not playing the role of assistant; rather, I can take ownership of my part of the puzzle. 

On what surprised me about NERA

The amount of repeat business is amazing. People recognize the good work we do at NERA, and they come back to us. This allows us to form meaningful relationships with clients, which I enjoy.

On the advice I would give to a prospective colleague

Everyone should be an expert at something. NERA provides a supportive structure that helps you build a fulfilling career out of the expertise that you develop at the firm.