Senior Analyst
White Plains, NY
Antitrust and Competition


MPA in international finance and economic policy, Columbia University
BA in mathematics and economics, Bryn Mawr College

The NERA environment in ten words or less.

Applied economics, rigorous, collaborative, academic, accountability, integrity, flat organizational structure.

On NERA’s culture of teamwork

Senior economists are open and receptive to ideas and input from all members of a team. They celebrate team successes and help maintain focus, pragmatism, and levity even while we confront intense deadlines. 

On falling in love with economics and consulting

Working at NERA has provided me with valuable guidance on asking the right empirical questions about firm behavior in imperfectly competitive markets, and it has helped me develop the skills in data management and econometric analysis necessary to answer these questions. I intend to use this experience as a springboard to a research career in applied microeconomics. 

On the broad range of work I do

I have worked on the economic aspects of a wide variety of legal claims, including monopolization, price and wage fixing, exclusive dealing, tying and bundling, and intellectual property infringement. My projects have spanned diverse industries, such as visual effects and animation, alcohol distribution, automotive parts, auto insurance, as well as major players in health care markets, including hospital systems, health insurers, physician groups, generic pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers. 

On my typical day

My typical day may involve working with clients on large-scale data production, developing econometric models and empirical analysis to inform expert testimony, drafting expert reports that will be filed in state and US district courts, and advising and training junior researchers.

On being mentored and mentoring

I have found my senior colleagues to be willing and capable mentors who are generous with their time and advice. In addition, as a woman beginning a career in economics, it was important for me to find effective and accessible female mentors to guide my professional development, accentuate my strengths, give honest feedback, and provide me with opportunities to spearhead large projects. I have been able to find all of that at NERA.