Regulatory Finance Practice


MSc, Finance, University of Warwick

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Intellectually stimulating, fast-paced, collegial, friendly, and fun. 

On choosing economic consulting and NERA

When I was at university, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to pursue an academic career or whether I’d rather get a job in the private sector. I came across NERA and realized that with economic consulting, I didn’t have to choose! It offered the perfect balance, allowing me to apply my academic knowledge to real-world problems. NERA was an obvious choice for me. 

On my favorite part about my work

My favorite part of NERA is the people. I have the privilege to work with exceptionally smart people who are always happy to share their knowledge and insights, whether on work related topics or day-to-day economic issues that surround us. My colleagues are a source of continuous inspiration for me and push me to develop myself further.  

On my typical day

There is no such thing as a typical day at NERA. The work we do is varied, both in terms of topics and the types of clients we work for, which allows me to continuously explore new areas and acquire new skills. A lot of the time, I find myself juggling two or three different client projects in different stages of development. My “typical” day at NERA would, therefore, include some combination of internal meetings, perhaps to brainstorm and set up a work plan for a new project, some analysis related to another project, and maybe a call with or presentation to the client on our findings on another project.

On the most important thing I’ve learned

In addition to developing my technical and analytical skills through project work and specialized training, I think the most important thing I’ve learned at NERA is how to communicate more effectively. I’ve learned to always think about my target audience, identify the key issue they are facing, and figure out how I need to adapt my communication style, whether written or spoken, to meet their objectives. Communicating the results of our work to clients is an essential part of our job that is as important as the actual analytical work we do.   

On the advice I’d give a prospective employee

If you are a driven, independent problem solver who likes to think outside of the box and come up with solutions that no one else has thought of before, then NERA is the place for you!