Paris & Geneva
Transfer Pricing Practice


PhD in Economics, University of Lyon & University of Delaware (joint program)

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Cutting edge analyses, open-minded, friendly, collegial, focused, entrepreneurial, dedicated.

On choosing a specialty firm over other consulting firms

As far as I am concerned, NERA is the name in economics. While larger consulting firms may have economic practices, I wanted to be part of a firm that specializes solely in economic analysis. In France, NERA is the only economic consulting firm that offers transfer pricing services, which has given us the opportunity to build a strong reputation with both existing and potential clients.

On collaborating globally

Dedication to the firm is very high, and the quality of the people is amazing. The approach is extremely collaborative, so there are no boundaries between teams, offices, or geographies. We can work in the morning with Asia, in the evening with North America, and fit in a meeting with our European colleagues in the afternoon. The global sharing and problem-solving that goes on within NERA is unique to our firm.

On being an economic consultant and an entrepreneur

NERA has given me the opportunity to not only do what I love, but to help grow the business. I was hired to re-open and manage the Paris office. In the time we’ve been here, we have built the transfer pricing business in France, and are now recommended as experts to multinational companies as well. I have become increasingly involved in European-wide efforts, assisting with the set-up of the Madrid and London transfer pricing teams, and launching the Geneva office.

On the most innovative experience I’ve had here

It is amazing to be involved with first-of-a-kind, highly visible projects that can actually change the way things are done within an organization. In many cases, we developed some solutions for the clients that were more complex than their normal protocol. Our recommendations were well accepted because they reduced risk for the client. And in some cases, the tax authorities dismissed their traditional approach to focus solely on the solution we had developed. Seeing our work result in a process change was very rewarding.

On learning at work

There are no boring days here. There are huge intellectual capital capabilities at NERA. Training and mentoring—both formal and informal—continue to be a key factor for me. The access we have to world class experts makes a tremendous difference in what we do every day. The structure is encouraging and entrepreneurial, and provides just the right amount of support, no matter where you are in your focus career.