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Scott Bloomberg is an expert on the economic and strategic issues facing the energy sector and large energy-consuming sectors, specializing in decision-making under uncertainty, assessing national and regional effects of environmental regulations, and restructuring of energy markets. His work has helped guide clients' strategic investment decisions, assess the impact of environmental and energy policies, and support clients involved in litigation.

Mr. Bloomberg has helped clients with long-term resource planning (either as part of regulated integrated resource filings or as corporate strategic initiatives), and with understanding the inter-relationships among fuel markets, environmental regulation and policy, and the planning implications of technological developments. He has conducted evaluations of different investment options given uncertain commodity markets, detailed analyses of proposed national and regional climate proposals, analyses of electric sector costs and impacts resulting from multi-pollutant legislation, and assessments of natural gas pricing, transportation costs, and storage and hedging activities.

Mr. Bloomberg has published extensively on the impacts of energy and environmental regulations.


  • MBA, University of Chicago
  • BA in economics and sociology, Northwestern University