Eugene Meehan

Affiliated Consultant


Washington, DC
Tel: +1 202 466 9287
Fax: +1 202 466 3605

Email: gene.meehan.affiliate@nera.com
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Attended the Graduate School of Business Administration, New York University
BA in economics, Boston College


Mr. Meehan specializes in advising electric and gas utility clients in the areas of strategic planning, regulatory strategy, and financial and economic analysis. Recent projects include:

  • Advice on development of an auction for the procurement of standard offer services;
  • Testimony concerning the valuation of a generating plant in the context of a competitive generation market; and
  • Development of an integrated regulatory strategy to achieve a transition to competition and mitigate strandable costs and review of capital investment policies in the context of a changing structure for the electric utility industry.

He has testified before state regulatory commissions, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, federal district courts, and in arbitration proceedings.

Mr. Meehan has also advised utilities on:

  • Marginal and avoided cost quantification and application;
  • Competitive power supply procurement framework development;
  • Merger and acquisition strategy analyses;
  • Merger synergy analysis;
  • Power supply contract development and litigation;
  • Power pooling and interconnection issues; and
  • Development of projected market clearing prices.

Prior to NERA, Mr. Meehan was a Utility Consulting Partner with Deloitte & Touche and a Vice President with Energy Management Associates. He has written numerous position papers on behalf of clients, which have been filed as part of regulatory proceedings.

Title Type Author
The Continuing Rationale for Full and Timely Recovery of Fuel Price Levels in Fuel Ad... Published Article Eugene Meehan, Kurt Strunk, et al.
Competitive Electricity Markets: The Benefits for Customers and the Environment White Paper Eugene Meehan, et al.
Distributed Resources: Incentives White Paper Eugene T. Meehan, et al.
Ex Ante or Ex Post? Risk, Hedging and Prudence in the Restructured Power Business Published Article Dr. Jeff D. Makholm, Eugene Meehan, et al.
Central Resource Adequacy Markets For PJM, NY-ISO AND NE-ISO Report Dr. Chantale LaCasse, Eugene Meehan, et al.
Capacity Adequacy in New Zealand's Electricity Market Published Article By Hamish Fraser and Eugene Meehan
Evaluation of Compulsory Dry-Year Generation Reserve Proposals for New Zealand Report By Hamish Fraser and Eugene Meehan
Electricity Markets and Capacity Obligations: A Report for the Department of Trade an... Report By Jonathan Falk, Hamish Fraser, Eugene Meehan, Dr. Michael Rosenzweig and Graham Shuttleworth
Title Date
Energy in the Northeast 18 October 2007