Hamish Fraser

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Email: hamish.fraser.affiliate@nera.com
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BSc in operations research (Hons. First Class), University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Mr. Fraser specializes in the restructuring of electricity industries. He provides economic policy advice to foreign governments, US-based utilities and other electricity industry organizations, particularly in the area of the creation of wholesale electricity markets.

Mr. Fraser recently led the team designing the power exchange code in Greece. This market was restructured in accordance with Greece's requirements under the EU Electricity Directive and in accordance with the conditions placed on Greece as a prerequisite for entrance into the European Monetary Union. He has performed a similar role for the government of Mexico.

For governments, regulators, and dominant utilities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and elsewhere, Mr. Fraser has provided advice on issues ranging from congestion management, to transmission system access, to capacity market design.

In the US, he has participated in most of the major restructuring efforts--particularly at the Alliance RTO and New York ISO--regarding fixed-cost allocation, ancillary services, and most other market rule design issues.

Mr. Fraser has also participated in many regulatory proceedings and has led a number of computer modeling analyses, market power analyses, and software development assignments. For example, he directed a large-scale software development spanning two years, which resulted in cost reductions measured in tens of millions of dollars for the client company.

Title Type Author
Planning Arrangements for Electricity Transmission Networks: An International Review Report By Hamish Fraser et al.
New Zealand Transmission Pricing Project Report By Hamish Fraser et. al
Engaging in Cross-Border Power Exchange and Trade via the Arab Gulf States Power Grid Published Article By Hamish Fraser with Hassan K. Al-Saad
The Line in the Sand: The Shifting Boundary Between Markets and Regulation in Network... Book Edited by Dr. Sarah Voll and Mike King
Locational Electricity Capacity Markets: Alternatives to Restore the Missing Signals Published Article By Hamish Fraser et al.
It Matters Which Way You Slice It: Risk Management for the 2005 Procurement Auction o... Published Article By Hamish Fraser with Salvatore Lanza of the Acquirente Unico
Developing a Capacity Payment Mechanism in Italy Published Article By Hamish Fraser and Dr. Francesco Lo Passo
Let Customers Fix Electricity Markets Published Article By Hamish Fraser and Dr. Michael Rosenzweig with Dr. Sarah Voll
US Blackout Illuminates Problems Published Article By Hamish Fraser
Capacity Adequacy in New Zealand's Electricity Market Published Article By Hamish Fraser and Eugene Meehan
Title Date Type
The Line in the Sand 19 October 2007 Press Release
New Book from NERA Economic Consulting Examines Implications of the Changing Boundary... 06 September 2007 Press Release