Lionel Gendebien



Tel: +44 078 4001 1263

Email: lionel.gendebien@nera.com
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MSc in competition and market regulation, Barcelona School of Economics
MSc in financial economics, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
Bsc in economics and business economics, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics


Mr. Lionel Gendebien specialises in competition economics, advising clients, and presenting economic evidence on matters before the Competition and Markets Authority, the Bundeskartellamt, and the European Commission (EC). With his expertise in assorting complex problems using economic principles and data analytics, Mr. Gendebien has also identified fundamentals to shape evidence and communicate solutions to senior executives, regulators, and courts.

In the field of competition economics, Mr. Gendebien has experience successfully leading companies through international cartel litigations, multi-year market investigations, cross-border merger notifications, and market dominance allegations in the UK, Germany, and other European jurisdictions.

Further examples of Mr. Gendebien’s experience include his involvement in quantifying damages resulting from international cartels on behalf of multiple claimants, navigating a senior board of multinational companies through the process of market investigations, and assisting the board of a multinational company in its merger filing to the EC.



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