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The California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB), a coalition of California business, labor, and public leaders striving to advance collaborative strategies for a sound economy and healthy environment, is holding its 2009 summer issues seminar in Lake Tahoe, California on 20-24 July 2009. The purpose of the seminar is to examine the progress of the CCEEB's policy agendas and to revise its strategies in order to ensure success. On 23 July, NERA Senior Vice President and Environment Group Head Dr. David Harrison participated in a panel discussion entitled "Once Through Cooling: Proposed Policy, SED, and Role of Economic Analysis." The panel included senior public officials in environmental and energy agencies in California. Dr. Harrison provided an overview of the use of cost-benefit analysis to evaluate alternatives to reduce fish losses at cooling water intake structures. The talk drew upon NERA's extensive experience in performing cost-benefit assessments for nuclear and fossil units on the East Coast, Hudson River, the Great Lakes, and other water bodies.