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The annual Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference is a premier event for Australian gas leaders, industry officials, regulators, and major industry stakeholders. This year’s gathering will include discussion of the impacts of 2015’s volatile gas market and the future of the domestic gas industry. On 8 March 2016, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jeff D. Makholm will be giving a keynote presentation focused on global market trends and the expected impact on Australia’s gas market.

Dr. Makholm will also lead an interactive pre-conference workshop on 7 March. His workshop, “Learning from International Experiences in Designing a More Efficient Gas Market—What Does a Competitive Gas Market Need?” will provide different perspectives and experiences on gas regulation, and lessons that can be applied to Australia’s domestic market. Demystifying the worldwide gas industry and its regulation, the workshop will put Australia’s gas industry in context for industry leaders and policymakers.

For more information, please visit the Quest Events website.