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The International Bar Association’s annual conference provides an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading law practitioners on current events and issues in the legal world. Sessions and presenters will provide first-hand information on legal developments in every sector of law, and attendees will participate in debates about the future of law in every sector. As part of the event, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jeff D. Makholm will participate in a session entitled, “Hot Topics on Gas Supply Arrangements.” The session will focus on the shale technological revolution and how it has altered the energy source balance in the USA, as well as for the rest of the world. Dr. Makholm’s speech, “Gas the Low-Carbon Bridge Fuel? Not Without a Lot of Trouble,” will address the worsening political and economic situation with respect to gas supply to Europe—which has paid almost $500 billion more for its gas than competitive North America has over the past six years.

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