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Led by NERA Director Kurt Strunk, The Marginal Cost Working Group (MCWG) is an engaging forum where utilities-sector professionals share insights, ideas and experiences related to emerging trends in rate design and cost of service studies. Members convene biannually during the spring and fall. Our fall 2017 meeting was held from 16-17 November 2017 in Portland, Maine.

Alternative rate options, smart-meter enabled demand response initiatives, distributed generation cost-benefit analysis, and performance-based regulation are among the many relevant topics covered during the meetings. Membership is particularly beneficial for utility managers and senior-level analysts faced with the challenging task of maintaining efficient and equitable electric and natural gas rates despite the emergence of various disruptors within their service areas.

For more details about membership options, participating companies, and testimonials, please download the MCWG Brochure. Interested companies are invited to send a colleague to an initial meeting free of charge before committing to membership. For more information, or to join the MCWG, please email us at