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NERA Senior Consultant Kevin Counsell will give the opening keynote speech at the National Freshwater Conference in Wellington next Wednesday, 26 February 2020. Mr. Counsell will highlight several of New Zealand’s freshwater issues, including:

  • Reviewing the most important developments around freshwater over the past year;
  • Determining considerations around the National Environmental Standards for freshwater; and
  • Understanding how stakeholders are valuing freshwater, especially following droughts and scarcity.

During Day Two of the conference, Mr. Counsell will join fellow experts to present on a panel titled “The Economic Impact of Healthy Waterways Plans.” They will discuss:

  • Economic impact predictions for the Action Plan for Healthy Waterways;
  • Essential freshwater proposals and the potential economic impact on vegetable production;
  • The debate over whether farmers have lost the chance to exist in a regulation-free environment; and
  • How degrading water quality can impact property prices and infrastructure.