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NERA Economic Consulting is proud to sponsor GCR Interactive: Pharmaceuticals for the third consecutive year.

Director Dr. David Blackburn co-chairs the conference, which brings together academics, in-house and corporate counsel, and economists to discuss important competition issues in the pharmaceutical industry. He will also moderate the panel “Class Certification in the UK and US.”

The recent Merricks v. MasterCard decision in the UK increased the likelihood of a new push of collective proceedings in the near future. Dr. Blackburn will lead a discussion of possible implications of MasterCard for the pharmaceutical industry and what lessons can be learned from recent pharma class actions in the US.

Additionally, Associate Director Dr. Sheng Li will participate in the panel “Collision of Biologics,” in which panelists will discuss the role of antitrust in the biologics and biosimilars pricing market, as well as lessons that can—and can’t—be learned from generics, to help ensure that low-cost versions of drugs are available to all.