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The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced uncertainty into major aspects of national and global society, including schools. With a continuing need for high-quality experience for young people, Speakers for Schools was founded with an aim to end educational inequality by giving all young people access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools in the UK.

The NERA London Mentorship Initiative team was delighted to collaborate with Speakers for Schools for their Virtual Work Experience (VWEX) programme. The team ran a first-of-its-kind interactive webinar, reaching over 60 young people aged 16–18 nationally.

NERA’s Mentorship Initiative mission statement is as follows:

NERA supports local efforts that teach, mentor, empower, and inspire young people in the areas of economic, mathematical, business, and financial literacy and education. Our focus is primarily on at-risk youths and those who don’t traditionally have access to career information, infrastructure, and support due to obstacles stemming from racial discrimination, immigration status, and poverty. NERA supports and encourages its employees to volunteer with local organizations, to share experiences, and to use their gifts and talents to further the non-profit organizations working in this area.