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On 8 August at 11:00 am CEST, NERA Director Dominik Huebler will join Watson Farley & Williams Partner Dr. Christine Bader in a webinar to examine the recent record-breaking auction for offshore wind in Germany, which resulted in the successful bidders paying more than 12 billion euros for the right to develop four large-scale offshore wind farms.

The panelists will examine the extent to which auction rules contributed to this outcome and what they mean for the future of offshore wind in Germany. The speakers will also look at whether similar record-breaking results can be expected in upcoming auctions across other European countries and what bidders should look for in auctions to gauge whether costs will end up equally high. The webinar is suitable for developers, financiers, and policymakers to prepare for the implications of the results of this auction on the next round of bidding in Germany and elsewhere, potential M&A activity, and potential areas of disputes.