Mealey's Product Recall Liability Conference: Made in China and Beyond

Washington, DC
10 December 2007
Hosted By: LexisNexis Mealey's Publications & Conferences Group

Mealey's held this conference in Washington, DC on 10-11 December 2007 to address the host of legal and economic issues that have arisen in the US over the recall of more than 100 million products that were manufactured in China. A faculty of experienced attorneys, arbitrators, and other industry participants examined the current product liability suits involving China as well as other foreign countries, how to deal with vendors and suppliers overseas during a recall, and strategies for conducting arbitration on foreign soil. NERA Senior Vice President Lucy P. Allen delivered a presentation on the current liability landscape. She discussed what products have been recalled, the impact on the companies involved, class certification issues, and recent litigation.

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