Mealey's Subprime Mortgage Litigation Conference

Chicago, Illinois
29 October 2007
Hosted By: LexisNexis Mealey Publications & Conferences Group

Dr. Andrew Carron, President of NERA, delivered the keynote address on the subprime lending market at Mealey's subprime mortgage litigation conference in Chicago on 29-30 October 2007. With banking institutions estimating that over $500 billion in adjustable-rate home loans -- more than 70% of which are to subprime borrowers -- will receive higher monthly mortgage bills at the end of 2007, the ripple effect across the financial and insurance industries will continue to be seismic. This conference provided a breakdown of the key players, the current suits, and the critical insurance coverage issues arising out of subprime lending litigation, including how to negotiate settlement and attorney fees.

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