6th Securities Litigation: Managing the Newest Risks and Exposures

New York, New York
10 June 2009
Hosted By: IQPC

The ongoing fallout of the world financial crisis will result in complicated and aggressive securities litigation. To examine the best approaches to advancing or defending securities litigation cases, IQPC held a securities conference in New York City on 10-11 June 2009. On the first day, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Faten Sabry delivered a presentation entitled "The Greatest Challenge of All: How to Calculate the Losses in the Current Securities Litigation." She examined a number of timely issues, including how damages will be assessed; the challenges of the credit crisis to aspects of standard damages analysis; the implications for pricing of derivatives; and the difficulties in determining appropriate valuations in the courtroom. On the second day, Senior Vice President Dr. Vinita Juneja served as co-chair and delivered opening remarks.

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