Complex Financial Entities and Instruments

Washington, DC
02 June 2009
Hosted By: the Bipartisan Policy Center

The Bipartisan Policy Center, which was formed in 2007 by Senators Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole, and George Mitchell to develop and promote solutions that can attract public support and political momentum, held the fourth in a series of interactive bipartisan roundtables in Washington, DC on 2 June 2009. NERA Vice President Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska was invited to share her views on complex financial entities and instruments and their alleged role in precipitating the recent financial crisis. Dr. Brown-Hruska and fellow guest speaker Jim Simons, President and CEO of Renaissance Technologies, examined various regulatory reforms specific to these instruments that have been proposed or that should be considered for helping to restore investor confidence and to avoid future crisis. The event was chaired by Congressmen Paul Kanjorski and Scott Garrett of the US House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets.

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