EUAA National Climate Change Briefing

Sydney, Australia
20 August 2009
Hosted By: the Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA)

Australia has proposed a climate change agenda that, to use the government's own words, is the most important reform of the past twenty years, massively affecting how energy is supplied, how much it will cost, and how mining and manufacturing sectors can compete with overseas rivals. This conference, held in Sydney on 20 August 2009, brought together energy experts to discuss the implications of this proposed reform, which will involve expenditure of tens of billions of dollars between now and 2020 on electricity supply alone, with a large impact on Australian businesses. NERA Vice President Edward Kee, based in our Washington, DC office, delivered a presentation via web conference on global nuclear power plant developments and issues. There are no nuclear power stations in Australia and the current government is opposed to nuclear power, even though Australia's uranium mining industry is large.

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