Securities Litigation: Will the Current Crisis Reverse the Recent Downward Trend?

New York, New York
23 February 2009
Hosted By: the New York University Stern School of Business

Economic and financial upheavals have always brought to the fore accounting scandals, managerial compensation excesses, and audit failures, all triggering legal and regulatory actions -- and the current crisis is no exception. In addition, a new pro-regulation congress will likely change the anti-litigation and enforcement environment of recent years. This Ross Roundtable, hosted by the New York University Stern School of Business in cooperation with NERA on 23 February 2009, brought together a panel of experts from a range of perspectives to examine in-depth the implications of the current economic crisis for shareholder litigation and regulatory enforcement.  NERA Vice President Dr. Stephanie Plancich  presented as part of the program.

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