Are Wind and Solar Valuations Too Low, Too High or Just Right?

21 April 2010
Hosted By: Information Forecast (Infocast)

M&A deal volume was down 60% in 2009, but is expected to be more brisk in 2010, driven partly by deadlines in the economic stimulus bill. A number of wind and solar companies with both operating assets and pipelines of projects under development are expected to be put up for sale in the next several months. Where is the market settling on current valuations? Is there the same danger in the wind and solar markets of overvalued assets that happened in real estate? The values are pushed up by government support. Is there a danger once that support ends of values collapsing? On 21 April 2010, NERA Affiliated Consultant Mike King participated in this Information Forecast webcast and roundtable, which addressed these and other topics in alternative energy markets.

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