Financial Reform Legislation (Dodd-Frank) Title VII and Its Impact on Hedging by Energy Companies

Washington, DC
16 November 2010
Hosted By: the Energy Bar Association

At this seminar, hosted by the Energy Bar Association in Washington, DC on 16 November 2010, NERA experts Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska and Dr. James Overdahl participated in a panel on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and its impact on hedging by energy companies. Dr. Brown-Hruska, former CFTC Commissioner and Acting Chairman, and Dr. Overdahl, former Chief Economist for the CFTC and the SEC, discussed Title VII, answered questions, and provided insight on how the energy industry can influence CFTC rulemakings now through the comment process. The discussion was moderated by Janice Moore of Pierce Atwood LLP.

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