The 8th Annual Advanced eDiscovery Institute

Arlington, Virginia
17 November 2011
Hosted By: Georgetown Law

Georgetown Law held its annual Advanced eDiscovery Institute, Making the Case: Developing Legally Defensible eDiscovery Best Practices, in Arlington, Virginia on 17-18 November 2011. NERA Senior Vice President Dr. David Tabak was invited to participate in a panel discussion entitled "Statistics and Sampling for Lawyers: How to Apply a Well-Accepted Methodology in the World of eDiscovery." The panel, which was moderated by the Hon. James C. Francis, focused on how to analyze large volumes of electronic evidence in litigation through the use of statistical methods. Statistics provide a principled framework for proving that certain information gleaned from a sample can be extended, with reliability and validity, to the whole population, and also provide well-accepted measures of quality control and reasonableness. Dr. Tabak and his co-panelists provided an overview of basic statistical reasoning that can be applied in the eDiscovery context to help tackle voluminous and complex sets of data in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

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