Electric Utility Rate Cases: Current Issues in Integrating Renewables in Challenging Economic Times

Las Vegas, Nevada
02 February 2012
Hosted By: Law Seminars International (LSI)

This Law Seminars International conference, held in Las Vegas on 2-3 February 2012, examined how recent challenges -- including environmental requirements, aging infrastructure, volatile fuel prices, new generation and transmission projects, smart grid issues, and new technologies to deal with greenhouse gas emissions -- are affecting the current ratemaking environment for regulated gas and electric companies. On the first day of the conference, NERA Vice President Kurt Strunk delivered a presentation entitled "Marginal Cost Pricing for Rate Design: Is It Still Reasonable When There is No New Generation Needed for a Period of Time?" Mr. Strunk presented arguments and decisional trends on various approaches to assessing demand components for future generation. On the second day, Senior Vice President Dr. David Harrison participated in a session entitled "Air Quality Regulation: What Are the Prospects for New EPA Rules? What are the Ratemaking Implications?" The session addressed recently resolved and currently pending issues in rulemaking and enforcement appeals, decisional trends and the extent to which they provide guidance for utility planners and regulators, and legislative developments. Dr. Harrison discussed the implications of these regulations for issues likely to come before Public Utility Commissions, including potential plant retirements, capital and operating cost increases, and impacts on electricity rates.

Download Dr. Harrison's presentation.

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