Effective Use of Surveys in Trademark Litigation

06 August 2013
Hosted By: The Knowledge Congress

NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Kent D. Van Liere shared his insights on the use of surveys in trademark litigation in a two-hour Knowledge Congress webcast on 6 August 2013. Surveys have been identified as significant tools in measuring the purchasing public's perception of trademarks and trade dress. Dr. Van Liere has testified on confusion, dilution, and secondary meaning with regard to trademarks and trade dress, most recently on behalf of Apple in Apple v. Samsung and on behalf of Frito-Lay in Frito-Lay v. Ralston Foods. The panel, which also included Heather J. Kliebenstein of Merchant & Gould PC and John McKeown of Goldman, Sloan, Nash and Haber LLP, discussed best practices and trends in the use of surveys in the courts.

A recording of this webcast is available via The Knowledge Congress.

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