Communications Between Counsel and Experts, Moore v. Getahun -- Have We Entered a New Era?

Toronto, Ontario
25 March 2014
Hosted By: the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto

The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto held a conference on 25 March 2014 to address the outcome of Moore v. Getahun, a medical malpractice case recently tried in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. In her 14 January 2014 reasons for judgment, Madam Justice Janet Wilson commented extensively on a number of aspects of expert testimony. Specifically, she concluded that discussions or meetings between counsel and an expert to review a draft expert report are "no longer acceptable." NERA Senior Vice President Mark Berenblut, who is frequently qualified by the courts as an expert witness at trial and arbitration, joined a panel of distinguished professionals to share his perspectives on Justice Wilson's admonition.

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