Emerging Trends in Online Privacy and Data Sharing

San Francisco, California
10 September 2014
Hosted By: NERA Economic Consulting

There has been a significant increase in privacy-related litigation, covering both data breaches and the collection and sharing of personal data. In data sharing consumer class actions, a number of companies (including comScore, Facebook, and others) have settled rather than face potentially large damage awards or disruptive injunctions. At the same time, many of the applicable legal and economic issues related to privacy are unsettled.

On 10 September 2014, NERA hosted a panel of legal and economic experts who discussed the current state of the law and provided an overview of data breach, data collection, and data sharing issues. The legal experts provided insight from their case experience and discussed future trends in the law, while our economic experts presented methodological approaches that can be used to measure the potential exposure that companies face and rigorous techniques to quantify the potential harm in these cases.


Laura D. Berger, Attorney, Federal Trade Commission

Claudia Vetesi, Associate, Morrison & Foerster

Sarah Butler, Vice President, NERA Economic Consulting

Dr. Garrett Glasgow, Senior Consultant, NERA Economic Consulting


Dr. Alan Cox, Senior Vice President and  Intellectual Property Practice Chair, NERA Economic Consulting

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