Financial Institutions Litigation 2015

London, UK
30 November 2015
Hosted By: IBC Legal

While the economy is undergoing a recovery, the fallout from the recent downturn continues to create new challenges for litigators. As an increasingly stringent regulatory landscape evolves in light of the landmark LIBOR manipulation conviction, continued mis-selling claims, and other investigations, financial institutions litigation continues to gather greater momentum and importance. As part of this conference, co-sponsored by NERA, Associate Director Robert Patton presented on “Investor Group Actions on Both Sides of the Pond”, as part of a panel session on group actions. The panel addressed topics including what types of group actions are ongoing as well as on the horizon, what impact group actions have on financial institutions in the UK and Europe, alternative dispute resolution, and practical pitfalls and how to resolve them. Mr Patton’s talk included a case example of economic analysis in a shareholder class action with accounting allegations.

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