Government Investigations and Securities Litigation: Connecting the Dots in 2015 LIVE Webcast

14 May 2015
Hosted By: The Knowledge Congress

Corporations facing publicized investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, or other law enforcement agency for alleged misconduct or regulatory violations must prepare for possible civil suits. These firms risk criminal prosecution, reputational damage, and civil litigation. Shareholder derivative and class actions are the most common suits filed against companies, but antitrust, false claims, and consumer class action are possible.

With such concurrent civil litigation, companies should develop a sound responsive strategy that includes robust documentation. There are significant incentives to cooperate with government authorities, and who leads the corporation’s investigation also can be critical in deciding the case.

During this two-hour, live webcast, NERA Vice President Dr. Jordan Milev and a panel of key thought leaders and professionals will provide an overview and in-depth discussion of the most suitable strategies for addressing Government Investigation and Securities Litigation.

Dr. Milev’s presentation will cover:

  • Detecting internal practice noncompliance: quantitative approaches to identifying and analyzing red flags
  • Evaluating materiality and damages stemming from issues uncovered during an investigation
  • Analysis of exposure related to government investigations and related securities litigation
  • Assessing the reasonableness of proposed remedies

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