How to Prove Damages in Patent, Trademark and Copyright Cases: 2015 LIVE Webcast

02 September 2015
Hosted By: The Knowledge Group

Many business owners believe that a patent provides complete protection against infringement. This is far from the truth. Patent infringement occurs when another party makes, uses, or sells a patented item without the permission of the patent holder. The patent holder may choose to sue the infringing party and to ask for compensation for the unauthorized use. Since intellectual property is governed by federal law, the patent holder must sue the unauthorized party in federal court within six years of the infringement.

In this two-hour CLE webcast, a panel of key thought leaders and professionals will engage in an in-depth discussion of the fundamentals of the issues, current litigation updates, and best practices to prove damages in patent, trademark, and copyright cases. As part of the webcast, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Christine Meyer will lead a discussion on proving damages in pharmaceutical patent cases, and Vice President Kristopher Boushie will lead a discussion on avoiding common problems and mistakes made by IP damages experts.

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