Policy in the Trump Era: Energy, Economy and the Environment

Amherst, Massachusetts
22 June 2017
Hosted By: Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI)

NERA Managing Director David Harrison participated in a conference held by Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) on 22 June 2017 in Amherst, Massachusetts. The conference, entitled “Policy in the Trump Era: Energy, Economy and the Environment,” brought together researchers who have used the REMI model to assess the economic impacts of a wide range of policies and projects. Dr. Harrison delivered the talk, “Hydro Relicensing: Modeling the Economic Impacts of Major Hydroelectric Projects.” Dr. Harrison and his colleagues developed estimates of the potential effects of two major hydroelectric facilities on electricity rates and used these estimates, as well as information on facility expenditures, to evaluate impacts on local, state, and national economies.

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