16th LDC Convening

New York, NY
18 December 2018
Hosted By: Latino Donor Collaborative

NERA Managing Director Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach presented new findings on the Latino effect on economic dynamism at the 16th LDC Convening on 11 December 2018. After compiling a comprehensive database covering measures of economic performance and demographic characteristics for 147 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) for 2007-2014, Dr. Eisenach used regression analysis to identify statistical relationships between Latino employment and measures of economic performance such as new business formation, labor productivity, and economic output. He found a positive and statistically significant relationship between MSA-level economic performance and Latino employment. Dr. Eisenach was also interviewed on Latino wealth creation in America by Wall Street Journal Editor At Large Gerard Baker.

Hosted by the Latino Donor Collaborative, the conference focused on empowering and increasing the business dialogue of media decision makers about multiple ways to engage the Latino audience and market. 

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