Virtual Workshop on Renewable Energy Auctions

26 June 2020
Hosted By: AURES II and Strommarkttreffen

On 26 June at 10:00 am CET, NERA Associate Director Dominik Huebler will participate in a webinar organised by Aures II—a project that aims to ensure the effective implementation of auctions for renewable energy sources (RES) in EU Member States—to discuss proposed reforms to the German Offshore Wind Act (WindSeeG) alongside academics and practitioners. The theme of the workshop is “Renewable Auctions Revisited – Learnings from European Experiences.”

Mr. Huebler will draw on the findings from a recent paper that he co-authored with NERA Research Officer Leonie Janisch and Posser Spieth Wolfers attorneys Dr. Wolf Spieth and Sebastian Lutz-Bachmann. Mr. Huebler will unveil the newly introduced dynamic auction mechanism for offshore wind in Germany before discussing precedent for dynamic auctions for renewables, as well as some specific features of the German scheme that may affect its ability to deliver at lowest cost for consumers.

For more information, please visit the AURES II website. Mr. Huebler’s slides will be available on request after the event. 

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