Economic Regulation of District Heat Networks – A Survey of European Approaches

09 October 2023
Hosted By: Wärme-Austausch

On 9 October 2023, NERA Director Dominik Huebler will participate in a webinar hosted by the expert network Wärme-Austausch (“Heat Research Exchange”). Mr. Huebler will present on “Economic Regulation of District Heat Networks – A Survey of European Approaches.” District heating is a key element of European heat sector decarbonization and a sub-sector that has recently seen significant private investment. At the same time, the sector is very heterogeneous across countries—and sometimes even within a country—in terms of its importance and the regulatory model applied.

Mr. Huebler will examine the evolution of regulatory models for district heat networks across several European countries, with a focus on recent changes in the form of regulation under way in several EU and non-EU member states, including Germany, Norway, and the UK. Additionally, he will assess the extent to which regulatory models differ across Europe and whether these differences are the result of variances in market structures or political preferences. Mr. Huebler will conclude by looking at whether more harmonization across Europe would be better than the status quo and what investors can expect from some of the ongoing changes.

Other sessions at the event will discuss decarbonization scenarios for the district heating sector, concepts for an efficient transformation of heat networks towards increased use of renewables, and an analysis of “cold” local heating networks.

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