Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) Market Dynamics

01 December 2023
Hosted By: EUCI

On 1 December, NERA Senior Managing Director Benjamin Chee will speak at the Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) Market Dynamics symposium in “Compliance Market Case Study—Example of a VPPA Used in the Compliance Market.” Mr. Chee will explore considerations for utility counterparties as well as contract design considerations and negotiations. He will also discuss the limitations and challenges of compliance markets. Mr. Chee will be joined by NERA Analyst Jane Kim and Associate Analysts Steven Li and Hannah Farrell.

The public demand for renewable energy solutions to address decarbonization and climate change objectives has pushed up the value of RECs. This symposium will examine the formation and influence of voluntary and compliance REC markets, with a focus on regulation, policy, and consumer awareness. Speakers will analyze active and emerging REC markets in the US, highlighting financial considerations and trends in utility markets, green pricing programs, and corporate renewable procurement. The program will provide insights into REC processes for optimizing transactional value, and attendees will discuss the potential impact of independent system operators and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission initiatives on REC pricing and other renewable energy market products.

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