NERA's Water Practice helps water companies, investors, governments, and multinational institutions successfully cope with the economic and regulatory issues related to the water and wastewater industries. Our work spans more than 25 countries where we often act as economic advisor during development of new laws, restructuring and privatization, whether on the sell- or buy-side, often focusing on the design of matching regulatory frameworks and concession contracts, and on modeling their financial and tariff implications.

We routinely contribute expert advice and testimony during subsequent development of regulations and their application in cases of all sorts including the re-setting of rates and tariffs. We also have special expertise in the economics of water as an environmental resource, which is drawn on in advising on property rights reform, the design of trading and taxation arrangements, and appraisal of proposition for environmental improvement or development.

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George Anstey Managing Director London
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Richard Druce Managing Director London +44 20 7659 8540 richard.druce@nera.com
Tomas Haug Managing Director Berlin
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Dr. Richard Hern Managing Director London
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Dr. Jeff D. Makholm Managing Director Boston +1 617 927 4540 jeff.makholm@nera.com
Daniel Hanson Director London +44 (0)207 659 8812 daniel.hanson@nera.com
James Grayburn Associate Director London +44 20 7659 8572 james.grayburn@nera.com
Hans-Martin Ihle Associate Director Tokyo +81 3 6871 7044 hans.ihle@nera.com
Jim Yin Senior Consultant/Principal London +44 20 7659 8814 jim.yin@nera.com
Dr. Zoe Fannon Consultant London +44 (20) 76598892 zoe.fannon@nera.com
Magnus Martinsen Consultant London +44 20 7659 8730 magnus.martinsen@nera.com
Ricardo Rodrigues Consultant London +44 (20) 76598832 ricardo.silva.rodrigues@nera.com
Dr. Federico Sciacca Consultant London +44 79 0667 2890 Federico.Sciacca@nera.com
Kardin Somme Consultant London +44 (20) 76598866 kardin.somme@nera.com
Dr. David Harrison Jr. Affiliated Consultant Boston +1 617 927 4512 david.harrison.affiliate@nera.com
Mike King Affiliated Consultant Denver
San Francisco
Washington, DC
+1 303 357 4781
+1 303 618 4915
+1 303 618 4915
Title Type Author
Using Price Signals to Better Manage Water Use Published Article By Kevin Counsell
Why PFI Holds No Lessons for Utility Regulation White Paper By Sean Gammons, Richard Druce, and James Grayburn
The Cost of Equity for Utilities – An International Perspective Presentation Dr. Richard Hern
How Should the Appropriate Horizon for Integrated Water Resource Planning be Ascertai... Report By James Grayburn, et. al.
Response to Ofwat’s Cost of Debt Consultation for PR19 Report By James Grayburn, Zuzana Janeckova, et al.
Use of Inflation Indices in Water Sector Report By Dr. Richard Hern, James Grayburn, Zuzana Janeckova et. al.
Incorporating Marginal Costs in Water Supply Tariffs: Prospects for Change Working Paper By George Anstey and Tom Graham
Economics in Environmental Decision-Making: US Environmental Protection Agency Provid... Working Paper By Dr. David Harrison, Jr. with Dr. Noah Kaufman
A Cross-Sector and Cross-Country Review of Approaches to Transitioning to Markets Report By Kevin Counsell, et. al.
Setting Efficient Tariffs for Wastewater Infrastructure Published Article By George Anstey