US Perspectives on Marketing Intangibles and Services

Tue Dec 12 20:24:38 UTC 2006
By Dr. Harlow Higinbotham

On 12 December 2006, NERA hosted The Value of Economic Analysis for Transfer Pricing: Experiences in Japan, US, and Europe and Implications for China, a special transfer pricing seminar, reception, and dinner to celebrate the opening of our office in Shanghai.Transfer pricing and intellectual property experts from our Chinese, Japanese, European, and US offices were on hand to share their practical insights and observations, including a discussion of new rules and regulations in China and a case study from Europe.

Chicago-based Senior Vice President Dr. Harlow Higinbotham delivered a presentation entitled "US Perspectives on Marketing Intangibles and Services." The presentation is also available in Chinese and Japanese. To view the other presentations and learn more about the event, please visit the links located in the right-hand column of this page.