ETFs: Overview and Recent Issues

03 October 2011
By Dr. Patrick Conroy, Dr. James Overdahl, and Robert Patton, et al.



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Exchange-traded fund (ETF) strategies continue to increase in scope, involving active management and more sophisticated financial instruments. Furthermore, the size of the ETF market has more than tripled by number of ETFs, and more than doubled by net dollar value of assets, over the past four years. The increasing flexibility and versatility of ETFs have been accompanied by claims by regulators and others of destabilizing effects on markets and potential for abuse by market professionals. Moreover, the suitability of ETFs for retail investors and even institutions has become a source of greater concern. In this NERA brief, Dr. Patrick Conroy, Dr. James Overdahl, and Robert Patton briefly outline several recent ETF issues and follow with an overview of future issues that may impact the growth of ETFs and their regulation.