Tantalus and Other Myths of the British Energy Market

26 March 2014
By Sean Gammons, Prof. Dr. Frank Maier-Rigaud, and George Anstey

Since the Energy Supply Probe was published in 2008, competition in the British gas and electricity markets has been under intense scrutiny. The British energy regulator and competition authorities are planning to publish their initial assessment of competition in the market before the end of the month. The assessment is the first stage in what could turn into a formal market inquiry. In this issue of NERA's Energy Market Insights newsletter, Directors Sean Gammons and Dr. Frank P. Maier-Rigaud and Senior Consultant George Anstey show that the evidence for the widely-repeated argument that the industry is not competitive is limited. They also highlight that poorly designed regulatory interventions have been counter-productive and that the bar for further interventions needs to be set high.

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