The Future of the Profit Split Method

05 April 2021
Amanda Pletz

In the book The Future of the Profit Split Method, published on 13 November 2020 by Wolters Kluwer (edited by Robert Danon, G. Maisto, Vikram Chand, and Gabriella Cappelleri), NERA Associate Director Amanda Pletz contributes a chapter called “An Example of the Application of the Profit Split Method in the Financial Services Industry.” The chapter focuses on the application of the profit split method and provides a case study that actively conveys its application in a multinational enterprise in the asset management industry.

Ms. Pletz further illustrates the application of the residual profit split method across the entire value chain and offers a brief overview of the key roles and responsibilities of the entities involved in the value creation process, as well as a summary and economic analysis of the value chain analysis for the asset management group.

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