Intellectual Property Damages in the Life Sciences Industry

11 April 2018

Experts in NERA’s Life Sciences Practice have been analyzing issues related to the infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property for decades, assisting companies with projects related to commercial success, irreparable harm, lost profits calculations, and reasonable royalty calculations.

Pharmaceutical IP litigation can take many forms, for both small molecules and biologic products. NERA’s experts provide in-depth knowledge of the economic complexities of the prescription pharmaceutical industry as well as experience in the required disciplines—including analyzing market-wide data using economic and econometric models—to address complex problems that arise in assessing nexus, causality, and calculating damages for pharmaceutical products.

This expertise includes a strong understanding of how prescription drug formularies affect sales; experience working with large, third-party pharmaceutical datasets to project shares and responses to changes; and experience quantifying lost profits and reasonable royalty damages.