Antitrust and Competition

20 February 2019
Capabilities and Services

NERA’s economic experts help global corporations and law firms unravel complex competition challenges by employing economic theory and quantitative methods, grounded in a thorough understanding of the market. Our consultants provide a full range of theoretical and empirical economic analysis and testimony in matters involving mergers and acquisitions, antitrust litigation, and competition policy. NERA’s expertise spans a range of antitrust-related issues, including:

  • Market definition
  • Innovation
  • Vertical restraints
  • Demand estimation
  • Damage calculation
  • Cartels
  • Merger simulation
  • Competitive effects
  • Efficiencies

In litigation matters and merger review, NERA consultants are strongly equipped to provide objective analyses, expert testimony, and regulatory insights at all stages of the dispute resolution process. They are able to assess and testify to the economic merits of allegations of anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions, cartels, bid rigging, abuse of dominance, refusals to deal, exclusive dealing, horizontal and vertical restraints, as well as damages estimations and the appropriateness of class certification.

NERA has an extensive team of experienced experts, including more than 500 economists, professionals, and support staff around the globe, and a strong network of academic affiliates.